How we started 

We started all with our Founder Tara Brown. We are family own and operated. We started small with few bulls and have grown to a full fledged rodeo company. Were a first generation rodeo company with a deep love for the sport. 

Look at the many Bulls we have in our line up.

Rodeo Bulls of Broken G Rodeo

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We have most of rodeo stock and events we've done over the years. 
Check out our Bull Power. 

The Stock of Broken G Rodeo

Take a look at the line up of Bulls from  Broken G Rodeo.

Mr. Bright 

Grand Son of Reindeer Dippin and Son of Skinny Dippin

Cock Your Gun

The Son of PBR Bull Big Gun

742-3 Skinny Dippin

Son of Reindeer Dippin


Newer Addition to the team

Feed Me More

Younger bull in our a line up

Big Daddy Yum Yum

One of our bucking bull short Round Bulls

Yak Attack

One of the older bulls in our line up.

Call 2 Duty

PBR short round Bull And Cheyenne Frontier days Bull. 

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